Bon voyage and fare thee well!

Hi. Just letting you know that this is my last post on this blog. It is taking up too much of my time in competition with other interests; so I am moving on. Thanks to all my followers, commenters and your likes :) I wish you good pranking and more laughs on the phone. Cheers Jimmy.

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Why Don’t Phones Lets Us Record Calls (two way)? -ca

This was originally posted with a Canadian audience in mind, but it has relevance here in Australia and, I suspect, in most third world countries generally. Brain Jones, the author, is a programmer and works full time in the telecommunications industry.

Brian Jones:


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Investors duped by City Index Australasia’s cold-calling scam -au


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e-petition: Make telephone sales cold-calling illegal -UK

Link: Make telephone sales cold calling illegal – e-petitions.

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Audio link: Peyton Charles gets cold called

Peyton Charles:

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Video: How to stop cold calling and make $500 from them to boot -us

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Video: Ever felt that the telemarketer didn’t really care?

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Prank #25: Hang ups

#25. Hang ups – Ω

Kenneth Lu: flickr

“Hello Mrs. Dong, we are affiliated with Macrohard Technologies; and in monitoring the internet it has come to our attention that your computer has a number of errors which makes it prone to attack right now…”
ME: “Arr excuse me, I’ve got a lot of hang-ups about calls like this and here comes one,” then hang up.

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Prank #16: Enterprise bargaining agreement

#16. Enterprise bargaining agreement – ΩΩΩ
“Hello, we are offering you and a friend the opportunity to enjoy 2 days free at one of our many holiday resorts—”
ME: Bargain with them for an extremely better deal. For instance, test their resolve and push for a week’s free holiday with free dinners and breakfasts included. Haggle for a 2-for-1 offer, so you can invite another couple along. Barter for unlimited access with no payment to the suite’s phone, internet, gym, personal trainer, masseur/masseuse, solarium, spa, and room service. (Beware: some cheap deals get you there only to find that there is an outrageous parking fee or even the use of a DVD player is extra.) But who knows, you may end up negotiating an offer too good to refuse. If they agree to your terms, make sure they email you a copy of the agreement (subject to payment) before you commit financially.

Key:    Keep a list of deal sweeteners that you can suggest next to the phone.


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Name changed to ‘Pppppppppprice’ in a genuine but eccentric bid to stop cold-callers

Pestered Tim Price was pretty peeved by cold calling telephone salesmen taking the P – so he’s added an extra nine Ps to his name in a desperate bid to make them stop, writes Lee Marlow. Tim, 49, has changed his name by deed poll to Tim Pppppppppprice. Try pronouncing that while, at the same time, making a good first impression. 

Full article:

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