Pranking Telemarketers 87 Ways

Tired of annoying telemarketing calls? Had enough of being harassed at an inconvenient time by an anonymous, foreign sounding or hard to understand cold caller? Me too! Hi, I’m Jimmy.

What am I doing? Well, here I plan to post my experiences about annoying telemarketing calls to the home phone specifically, and mobiles, faxes etc., if there’s an interest.

Luz Adriana Villa: flickr

What’s your story?
What about you? Are you less than happy about telepests calling you on the home phone? Have you got better things to do with your time? Would you like to handle phone solicitors as Seinfeld or Tom Mabe can? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you want ‘telepest easy-off bam.’ Sorry, I got carried away there. What I do have is a blog on Pranking Telemarketers 87 Ways, while responding to intrusive telemarketing calls. (Wait, don’t hit Esc. This is not an elaborate telemarketing ploy. I’m not selling anything–not even my book.) You see, I’ve had such a grin writing about my experiences that I plan to continue by using this site to:

  • share some of the pranking techniques that I use to make telemarketing calls a blast (and put me back in control)
  • get to hear of other blogger’s experiences/techniques
  • talk on the pop psychology of the difficulties/benefits of responding to telepests.
  • look at the statutory safeguards and organisations that are available to deal with phone solicitors and scammers
  • and touch on the business psychology of the direct-marketing machine (what the! did I hear a cynicist yell out greed?).

If anything on this site helps or you’ve got a story/suggestion, I’d like to hear about it.

Cheers, Jimmy Aring.

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2 Responses to Pranking Telemarketers 87 Ways

  1. Jimmy Aring says:

    Hi Col. Thanks for your encouragement.
    It sounds like your experience is the same as mine and people everywhere.
    Honestly, there are times when they sound as if they have a decent product; they catch me at a convenient time, and they have a aussie accent. However, for me this whole idea of buying it over the phone, sight unseen, and through a total stranger, leaves me leery and about as comfortable as hessian undies.
    Cheers Jimmy

  2. Col says:

    Hey Jimmy. What a great idea to be able to be in control of a conversation even when rung by a telemarketer. They never ring at a convenient time and unfortunately their accents are usually difficult to understand making the sales pitch for the product unattractive. Good luck with it.


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