Prank #9: Chip chomping – updated older post

#9. Chip chomping – ΩΩ

Prop:    A packet of chips or crackers. (A clothes peg is optional.)
“Hello Mr. Leu. What would you say to an offer of 7 nights in Phuket, the beautiful jewel of Thailand, for only $199 per person?”
ME: Chomp on the chips continuously while talking with a full mouth incoherently.
TELEMARKETER: If the telemarketer says, “I’m fond of a packet of crisps myself, but to tell you the truth I am having trouble understanding you.”
ME: While still eating give the garbled reply, “This is lunch and I’ve got to go soon.”
TELEMARKETER: blah, blah, blah…

English: A pile of potato chips. These are Utz...

English: A pile of potato chips. These are Utz-brand, grandma’s kettle-cooked style. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ME: If the call lasts too long suggest, “I’m out of chips. Got to get some more.” Do not hang up, just put the phone down and do not return for 10 minutes or so.

Key:    Keep a fresh packet of crisps next to the phone. Bon appétit!

Extra: If you have an audience in the room, peg your nose. This will make their visual and audible entertainment value even better still.

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