Sympathy for telemarketers?

Sympathy or not to sympathy: That is the question.
Have you seen posts, [i] they manifest occasionally, whereby telemarketers explain to us, the recipients of tele-nuisance, why we should be sympathetic and polite to their unwanted calls? Why does the ubiquitous telemarketer ask us to be sympathetic and genteel? Is it so that she or he can feel clean-handed about their pestering work–yeh?

The friendship concession–otherwise it’s hasta la vista baby  
Let it not be said that I am inhumane. Sure I can be insensitive even callous if I’ve lurched off the wrong side of a bed-of-nails with a tomahawk headache in order to work an unscheduled shift  on a Sunday night, but like most of the seven billion other people I share this place with, I’ll apologise given time. That said, cold-callers in general have my unspoken sympathy:* not because they are doing a job I could never do, but some, at least temporarily,  are doing the only job that is available to them—but that’s as far as my humanity extends with phone solicitors. You see, I’m prejudiced towards cold-callers and I’m just one in a long line. ^ ‘Hey is that you up ahead waving to me?

Conversely, as for the big picture, I indeed have a telemarketer as a friend. As a friend she is likeable, we have an affable relationship and I admire her for putting herself through university. She has my sympathy as a friend and secondly for enduring a tough job. Now, if she phoned to market me something I would be sympathetic; give her the time of day and be polite because of our friendship. However, if I didn’t know her she would be pranked for being a tele-nuisance. Some people are friendly and yet annoying; they’re commonly referred to as phone ‘salespeople’ (to be politically correct).

Headline: Resentment devours sympathy
*My phone relationship with telemarketers is purely business, albeit unwanted business, so my interactions will not convey a tittle of sympathy as that gives the misguided impression that I’m interested. On the contrary, I will resent their unwanted, unsolicited foray into my home.

Torture by a thousand calls

Erio: flickr

Sure, the phone solicitor may be a nice individual just doing his or her job, but their offer comes at the expense of my privacy and time-poor evenings. Don’t they get it? He or she is not the only one doing it; there are 1000′s of them out there all doing the same thing. A drop of water on the forehead is just that, a drop, but a thousand drops on the forehead is torture. How about some sympathy for us; the one’s being tortured?

Telepest marries big brother 

Chris Thilk: flickr

One telemarketer [ii], and there are others, even tries flagging the yellow card to shame us into submission, quote:
“We are from the community calling people from the community we know. We know your prominent position. Many of us have dealings with you. We may be your former students, your friend’s child, in your class, a customer, know of your child for a marriage proposal [sic]. It is very telling how you answer your phone. We can immediately tell your patience level, function under stress or annoyance [sic] and other pivotal traits by your dealings with us. We remember it and it makes a difference in how we view you and respect you.”

 A cross word from our sponsor
Respect you? So what they’re saying is that we need to leave ourselves open to unwanted, unsolicited, untimely, annoying and persistent phone calls in order to earn telemarketers’ respect? Yet at the same time telemarketers’ premeditated, impersonal and scripted calls show us they don’t respect us. There’s something awry here. Help me out please. What’s that word, on the tip of my tongue, the one that rhymes with satirical and alludes to moral self-contradiction? Yeh that’s it.., ‘hypocritical.’    

^For those of you in the jaundiced objectors queue; who are undaunted by ‘big brother’ and the telepest scourge, I hail you to join this ‘war on terror;’ in the fight against telepest tyranny.

Cheers Jimmy


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