Computer error scam

Computer event-viewer errors 
Those scammers called again yesterday. You know, the ones who offer a glossed over, vague business name with Microsoft in it somewhere. He warned me of terrible errors on my PC that imminently threaten to crash my computer, which one of their technicians could fix remotely–for a fee. It’s amazing how they know all that when my computer is off.

Jason Stone: flickr

I gave him the run around by requesting he provide me with two competitors prices, to do the same job, so that I can make an informed decision about who to use. Cheeky I know. We arranged a call back for 5:30pm the next day.

Geek to the rescue
It didn’t happen. What did happen, though, was that I received a dead call (no one speaking on the other end of the line) which lasted 5 seconds and then disconnected. It was a trifle inconvenient, but, when I realised what was happening, I considered it a privilege to have obviously gotten up his nose. Ten minutes later another dead call: so this time I started speaking as if it were my mum on the other end and proceeded to tell her how a geek friend of mine was fixing the errors on my computer. He hung up and called again 10 minutes later. I apologized to mum that we were cut off and continued singing the praises of my problem solving friend who was saving me hundreds.

I haven’t received any more calls from mum since that third attempt.

Cheers Jimmy

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