Isle of Wight IT Phone Scam and Identity theft

Get a second opinion from a known source

Warning: Isle of Wight residents have been warned to be on their guard after an apparent increase in IT related phone scams.

The scammers are using multiple approaches. They may warn you of an imminent (fictitious) virus attack  on your computer in order to sell you bogus software to deal with it.  If you agree, you will not only have done your money but because you will have permitted them access to your computer, they will upload a program that will be used for further malicious purposes.

However, the online article carries a more pernicious warning—identity theft, the technical term being ‘social engineering’.  Don’t give out any personal/financial information as scammers could call you back using it to sound legit (like they represent a business you already have dealings with e.g., a gas or electricity utility).  

Don Hankins: Flickr

The column advises to not even confirm your name or address with these unsolicited types of calls. 

For reports of scams, advice or assistance call:
Citizens Advice Bureau  01983 520594
Council IW Council 01983 821000


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