Cold calling percentages

Replace the cold call with … ANYTHING!

Jeffrey Gitomer: I am sick of the argument that cold calling still has a valuable place in selling. Someone PLEASE show me the value.

Experimental "No cold calling area" ...

Experimental “No cold calling area” The roads around Matapan Road are pioneering this initiative. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s look at the facts:

• 98 percent or more rejection rate

• 100 percent interruption of the prospect

• 100 percent they already know what you’re selling

• 100 percent they already have what you’re selling

• 100 percent manipulation to get through to the decision maker

• 100 percent lack of personal preparation about the customer

• Most sales managers could not do what they ask their salespeople to do

• Rejection is the biggest cause of sales personnel turnover

• Ask any salesperson if they’d rather have 100 cold calls or one referral

QUESTION: With these horrid statistics, why do sales managers insist on, even measure, cold call activity and numbers?
ANSWER: I have no earthly idea.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of several sales books and he offers twelve alternatives to cold calling. 

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