About me

I’d say I am a bloke tired of reacting to telemarketing calls with frustration and annoyance. Even after the 2007 Do Not Call Register was enacted here in Oz, a 2008 poll by The Australian Institute ascertained that we’re still exposed to seven calls per month compared to ten for those unregistered. Well, I’ve taken the matter into my own hands and through espionage, legerdemain, and skullduggery, devised and adapted prank replies that put me in control and gives me some laughs. Other than thrust and parry on the phone, I’m a family man who works with people in addiction. In my spare time I’m a zealot of parkour, base jumping, white-water kayaking, caving, and competing at the Isle of Man TT Races (in my dreams that is), and reading, writing, camping, spectator sports and pranking when awake.

Pranking telemarketers 87 ways displays some of the ploys of telepests, the exposing of scams, offers prank suggestions, and flags organisational/governmental  supports.

Cheers Jimmy Aring


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