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About Telemarketing
The unsolicited selling and promoting of product and services over the phone. Also known as phone sales, phone soliciting, cold sell, cold calling, telesales, teleselling, telecommerce, and prospecting.
Making the news
References to news articles that expose telemarketing ploys and scams.
Pranks, pranks, pranks
The how-to of a variety of practical jokes and techniques used  to take control, direct and terminate an unwanted marketing call–while having a laugh.
How cold callers use ‘predictive diallers’ and ‘voice activation detection’ (VAD) technologies to increase consumer volumes through their call centres.
Telemarketers, cold callers, blah blah blah…
The call-centre androids who are WiFi connected to the technologies; also known as cold callers, phone solicitors, cold sellers, telesellers, and telepests.

5 Responses to Categories sitemap

  1. MichaelS says:

    The point and holy grail of any responses to telepests, if you have the time and inclination, is to waste as much of their time as you can, either attending to your email and other stuff as you mutter into a phone on speaker and drink tea, or taking the time to meet the challenge of serious timewasting (I’ve managed about 1 1/2 man-hours, 53 minutes with both a telephone man and computer operator connected to my safe “virtual machine” computer trying to sell me “Microsoft support”).

    If, instead of automatic machines that detect the other end has hung up, there’s a long and confusing conversation, they’ll only be able to make a few calls per hour, instead of hundreds. If enough people waste enough time, telepestering will become a loss-maker and stop. That’s the ultimate objective always to keep in mind.

  2. Jimmy Aring says:

    Why that’s mighty kind of you Tilly.
    We need all the help we can get when it comes to jousting with the telepest conquistadors. If I can make it fun than that’s half the battle won.
    Cheers Jimmy

  3. Tilly Bud says:

    What a great idea for a blog!

  4. Jimmy Aring says:

    Thanks anonymous.
    You’re right. Gagging on an involuntary chuckle is one of the occupational hazards that comes with pranking. That’s what makes it such a good job to have. Pity about the pay rate, but you can’t have everything. For, as they say, “where would you put it?”
    Good luck and cheers, Jimmy

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great ideas there Jimmy, thanks – it’s the best laugh I’ve had all afternoon – come to think of it, it’s actually the best laugh I’ve had all week! I hope I can keep a straight enough face to use one of your tps the next time a telemarketer bother me :)


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