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Bon voyage and fare thee well!

Hi. Just letting you know that this is my last post on this blog. It is taking up too much of my time in competition with other interests; so I am moving on. Thanks to all my followers, commenters and … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Phones Lets Us Record Calls (two way)? -ca

This was originally posted with a Canadian audience in mind, but it has relevance here in Australia and, I suspect, in most third world countries generally. Brain Jones, the author, is a programmer and works full time in the telecommunications … Continue reading

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Video: Malware threat by antivirus scammer exposed on virtual machine

Noah Magram, principal software engineer at security vendor Sourcefire, was called while at home by a fake antivirus company. He decided to see exactly what they do when a person grants access, only he gave them access to a virtual machine … Continue reading

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Interview with the man behind Comantra, the “cold call virus scammers”

If you live in a western country and have a landline telephone with a listed phone number, chances are you’ve been “cold called” by someone on the other side of the world with an introduction that goes something like this: … Continue reading

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Technology and Trysts

What’ll they think of next? The Australian public’s trust in call centres has not been bolstered by the telemarketing industry’s use of voice activity detection (VAD) technology, set by algorithms (beats me how it works, but using that term has … Continue reading

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