Pranks: their conventions & icons (for this site)


N.B: For my pranks on this site, have a squiz in the right margin and open the Pranks pranks pranks folder under the Categories of postsheading.

Three skill levels 
Boring bit: (N.B: ‘boring’ is not a cryptic reference for a ho-hum telemarketer giving you a ring–but maybe it should be.) Below is a guide to the layout and components of my prank scenarios. The ME is self explanatory, as is Telemarketer. A prank requiring a Novice level of skill is indicated by an omega icon (Ω). A single-icon prank is intended for the beginner prankster or one needing confidence. The Transitional level of required skill is indicated by two omega icons. This level of prank is for the prankster growing in confidence and experience. The Proficient level (indicated by three icons) is aimed at the confident and skilled prankster.

One Ω (omega) icon next to a prank’s heading represents a Novice level of skill required
Two ΩΩ icons call for a Transitional level of skill
Three ΩΩΩ icons suggest that a Proficient level of skill would help

Live by your own rules
Having said that, this ranking by no means restricts a first-time prankster from punching above his or her weight; or from utilising a more complex prank i.e., someone with secretarial experience will already have the ability to experiment with Transitional and Proficient level replies. Two things before we get into it.

  1. Some of the Novice level pranks can be the most rewarding.
  2. From time to time during a call you will get caught out, or be at a loss as to where to go next. If things aren’t going as planned you can always say, “I haven’t got time for this right now. Got to go, bye,” and hang up.

Silent coach
Lastly, each prank may have one or a number of pointers such as Prop, Key, Extra, Alternative, and Backup plan. These are tidbits to help make a prank work.

Prop: basic but important information in preparation for a specific telemarketing call
Key: detailed information to assist in a successful reply
Extra: additional material for replying to or terminating a call
Alternative: substitute material for replying to or terminating a call
Backup plan: a complementary strategy to counter an anticipated telemarketer’s reply

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