Interview with the man behind Comantra, the “cold call virus scammers”

If you live in a western country and have a landline telephone with a listed phone number, chances are you’ve been “cold called” by someone on the other side of the world with an introduction that goes something like this: “Hello, I am from the Microsoft technical support division and I am calling you because we have detected some problems with your computer. This is very important – I need you to go and turn your computer on right away…”

Invariably the cold caller asks you to access your computer’s ‘Event Viewer’ so they can show you the (trumped-up) “threats” to your computers security. Or else they will angle towards an expired ‘windows warranty’ on your operating system.

Troy Hunt, a software architect interviewed Rajesh Bajaj, the ‘director’ of Comantra, one of the number of organisations running this scam. Mr Bajaj claims that Comantra is a victim of bad press; an organised reputation assault. Read the interview, follow the links; you be the judge.

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