Prank #16: Enterprise bargaining agreement

#16. Enterprise bargaining agreement – ΩΩΩ
“Hello, we are offering you and a friend the opportunity to enjoy 2 days free at one of our many holiday resorts—”
ME: Bargain with them for an extremely better deal. For instance, test their resolve and push for a week’s free holiday with free dinners and breakfasts included. Haggle for a 2-for-1 offer, so you can invite another couple along. Barter for unlimited access with no payment to the suite’s phone, internet, gym, personal trainer, masseur/masseuse, solarium, spa, and room service. (Beware: some cheap deals get you there only to find that there is an outrageous parking fee or even the use of a DVD player is extra.) But who knows, you may end up negotiating an offer too good to refuse. If they agree to your terms, make sure they email you a copy of the agreement (subject to payment) before you commit financially.

Key:    Keep a list of deal sweeteners that you can suggest next to the phone.


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1 Response to Prank #16: Enterprise bargaining agreement

  1. And after ten minutes of bargaining, tell ’em sorry, just kidding!


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